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Dave's Discount Auto Parts has a wide selection of both Dorman and Dorman OE solutions Parts in stock and ready to ship.

Dorman products is a supplier of replacement parts, fasteners, and service line parts. Dorman has been through many name changes but has quickly grown to be the largest supplier of hard to find parts in automotive industry.

Dorman Parts Dorman OE Solutions Parts

Dorman has 8 different brands - Dorman Products, Dorman OE Solutions, Dorman Help!, Dorman Renew, Dorman, AutoGrade, Dorman First Stop, Dorman Conduct Tite, and Dorman Techoice. Most of the brands Dave has in stock!

See below for a list of Dorman parts Dave has in stock. If you don't see something you are looking for, be sure to check out our catalog or call us!