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SAAB 93 Hydraulic Lifters!

SAAB 93 Hydraulic Valve Lifters Discount SAAB 93 Valve Lifters

Hydraulic valve lifters cushion the impact present whenever a camshaft eccentric moves the pushrod to open or close a valve. They work by using oil pressure present in engines to transfer motion in a smoother way than solid lifters would. In some engines, such as Overhead Cam (SOHC) or Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) engines, the lifters transfer the camshaft motion directly to the valves.

Lifters can become clogged by dirty oil or foreign particles. If oil isn't flowing properly, they tend to make a chattering sound as the engine runs.

Replacing valve lifters should be left to experienced mechanics.

We sell quality SAAB 93 hydraulic valve lifters from these manufacturers:

Mopar SAAB 93 Valve Lifters ACDelco SAAB 93 Valve Lifters Cloyes SAAB 93 Valve Lifters

Beck/Arnley SAAB 93 Valve Lifters Clevite SAAB 93 Valve Lifters