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GMC K1500 Pickup Idle Air Control Valves and Motors

GMC K1500 Pickup Idle Air Control Discount GMC K1500 Pickup IAC Valves

An idle air control valve (IAC) or motor is an electronically controlled device on fuel injected engines which allows air to pass by the closed throttle body during engine idling. Without this air, the engine would be starved for oxygen and idle very roughly or die altogether.

IAC valves can become clogged and require cleaning, although many mechanics may recommend you just replace the valve. When the valve becomes clogged or fails, the engine will not get sufficient air to operate properly when the throttle plate is closed. If you notice rough idling which clears up once the accelerator is depressed, it may be possible you need a new IAC valve!

We recommend consulting with a repair manual or automotive professional when looking to replace an Idle Air Control Valve. Some may be simple jobs while others could entail more tedious work.

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