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GMC K1500 Pickup Brake Calipers and Hydraulics

GMC K1500 Pickup Brake Calipers Discount GMC K1500 Pickup Brake Calipers

Brake calipers house the pistons and brake pads that ride along your vehicle's rotors. Using hydraulic force from the fluid pumped via the master cylinder, brake pistons push the pads onto the rotor to provide friction. Properly fucntioning brake calipers are very important to maintaining a safe and effective braking system.

Over time calipers can wear out, especially the rubber boots surrounding the pistons. This wear can cause pistons to function less effectively or even sieze up, causing drastically reduced performance and even damage to the other brake components. Some ways to identify a potential caliper problem are consistent uneven wear of pads, warping rotors, uneven braking, etc.

When replacing calipers, always be sure to check the details about your vehicle's braking system. Many automobiles of the same year, make and model will have different options and this can change which caliper is required!

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