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Acura TL Heater Blend Door Actuators

Acura TL Heater Blend Door Actuator Discount Acura TL Heater Blend Door Actuators

Heater blend door actuators receive signal from the HVAC head unit (the controls on a vehicle's dashboard) and adjust the door which controls air coming off of the heater core or evaporator. The actuator itself is a small box with some electronics and a gear, which attaches to an arm that then controls the door.

These actuators can wear out over time and require replacement, or frequent use, defects and other unfortunate incidents could cause them to break.

Replacing the heater blend door actuator will likely require a lengthy dissasembly of your vehicle's dash, but with the proper instructions and tools it shouldn't be impossible!

We stock and sell a wide variety of quality Acura TL heater blend door actuators from these manufacturers: