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Mazda Miata Main Bearing Sets!

Mazda Miata Main Bearing Sets Discount Mazda Miata Main Bearing Sets

Main bearings are what the crankshaft rides on inside of the engine block. They provide a surface for the oil to form its protective layer under pressure, allowing the crankshaft to ride on a cushion of oil. As with all engine bearings, main bearings are designed from softer metals than the crankshaft and engine block, so any damage from loss of oil pressure will be incurred by the bearings.

One of the most telling signs you have faulty main bearings is a knocking sound that is fairly consistent along with low oil pressure.

Replacement of the main bearings will require disassembly of the engine block. This proceedure should be performed by an experienced mechanic with the appropriate tools.

We stock and sell a wide variety of quality Mazda Miata main bearings from these manufacturers:

Clevite Mazda Miata Main Bearing Sets Beck/Arnley Mazda Miata Main Bearing Sets Auto7 Mazda Miata Main Bearing Sets