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Mazda Miata AC Evaporators

Mazda Miata AC Evaporators Discount Mazda Miata AC Evaporators

The AC evaporator in a vehicle is where the cold, pressurized refrigerant interacts with the air being blown through the evaporator and into the vehicle. Since the refrigerant rapidly vaporizes into gas as it absorbs heat from the vehicle's air, the warm air is quickly cooled.

Evaporators are susceptible to leakage, which will eventually lead to the ruin of your system. Contaminants can also cause problems. When contaminants get into an AC system, they can become trapped in an evaporator and cause issues with the flow of refrigerant in your AC system. Often times replacing the evaporator can be a required part of servicing the AC system along with compressor, condenser and drier replacement.

Determining whether or not you need a new evaporator should be handled by an automotive professional.

We sell quality Mazda Miata evaporators from these manufacturers: