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Mazda Miata Heater and AC Controls (HVAC)

Mazda Miata Heater and AC Controls Discount Mazda Miata Heater and AC Controls

The climate control system in the dashboard of a vehicle controls its heating and air conditioning systems. Older vehicles may use basic mechanical cables while newer vehicles are electronically controlled. Signals sent from these dashboard modules control the blend door actuators, blower motors, defoggers, ac compressor switches and even seat warmers.

When the climate control module fails, a few things can happen. The system could cease to function altogether, or certain features could run all the time as though the driver has no control over them. Often fans will remain full blast, which can be quite obnoxious. Lights and buttons can also wear down which will require replacement.

Replacing the heater and ac controls will likely require disassembly of the dash, however the actually part should usually only need a couple of bolts loosened and and electrical connection unplugged. If you're unsure about performing the repair yourself, consult with an automotive professional.

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