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A wheel hub assembly is the wheel hub and bearing pressed together. One end bolts into the steering or spindle knuckle, while the other accepts the wheel and lug nuts. Wheel hubs typically have studs already pressed into them.

Wheel bearings can wear over time, from rough conditions, collisions, or manufacturing defects. Wheel hubs can also become damaged from collisions or rusted over time. When it comes time to replace them, many find the convenience of purchasing a combined hub and bearing assembly to trump purchasing one or the other separate and having them pressed togehter.

Replacing a wheel hub could vary dpending on the vehicle and the level of damage requiring repairs. Some may not have the option of a simple unbolt and reinstall, requiring the hub and bearing to be pressed. If you're unsure or uncomfortable consult with an automotive professional.

We stock and sell a wide variety of quality wheel hub assemblies from these manufacturers:

Raybestos Hub Assemblies ACDelco Hub Assemblies SKF Hub Assemblies

Mopar Hub Assemblies Motorcraft Hub Assemblies Dorman Hub Assemblies