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Vehicle Speed Sensors are typically located in the transmission or differential housing. They monitor the speed of a rotating ring gear then transmit this information to either the ECU or dashboard gauges. In modern vehicles, this information is used in conjunction with other systems to operate many systems, including the cruise control, electronic suspensions, traction control, and other options.

When a vehicle speed sensor fails, one of the most obvious signs will be the speedometer not functioning properly, or at all. Other symptoms could include ABS failure, cruise control not working properly, warning lights, etc. You may need to contact an automotive professional to have it diagnosed in some cases.

Replacing a vehicle speed sensor will vary in difficulty based on its location and the type of vehicle. Always consult with an experienced mechanic if you are unsure or uninformed about performing a repair.

We stock and sell a wide variety of quality vehicle speed sensors from these manufacturers:

Standard Vehicle Speed Sensors ACDelco Vehicle Speed Sensors Auto7 Vehicle Speed Sensors

Beck/Arnley Vehicle Speed Sensors Mopar Vehicle Speed Sensors Motorcraft Vehicle Speed Sensors