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Throttle Position Sensors

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Throttle Position Sensors detect how wide the throttle is open then report this information to the engine computer, which in turn adjusts the amount of fuel being metered by the injectors. It helps provide the snappy acceleration people expect from their vehicles. One might even say the signal your vehicle's computer receives is a...TPS Report.

When throttle position sensors begin to fail, the engine will not respond in the way its driver has become accustomed to. Without the advance notice of an opening throttle, the computer cannot adjust fuel input quickly enough and instead must wait for information from other sensors to recognize the need for increased fuel. As such, the vehicle will hesitate for a moment before finally accelerating. Other symptoms may include rough idling, increased fuel usage and even engine stalls.

Replacing a throttle position sensor should typically be an easy task. They are usually located near the top of the engine somewhere on the throttle body. As with any repair, if you're not confident in replacing it yourself, leave the work to a professional.

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