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Belt Tensioner Pulleys and Tensioner Pulley Assemblies

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Belt tensioner pulleys are designed to allow for the proper tension on a serpentine belt or v-belt. Typically they are located on the front of the engine block separate of any of the other components. Tensioner pulleys can be loosened so that a belt can be removed.

Tensioner pulleys can wear down over time, eventually requiring replacement. Sometimes a squeaking or soft grinding noise may be heard coming from the pulley, or the tensioner assembly may lose its strength to hold the belt in place. This will cause the belt drive to operate at sub-optimal conditions, potentially leading to the prephrials not functioning properly.

Replacing a belt tensioner assembly should be a routine proceedure, but due to the tight space constraints on many vehicles it could be a labor intesnive job. If you're unsure of what to do, consult with an automotive service expert!

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