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Strut Mount Kits Discount Strut Mount Kits

Almost all modern automobiles use a MacPherson strut style suspension system. This design replaces the older double wishbone and shock absorber, giving designers more options for suspension configurations and ride and handling options. A strut mount is the critical component that connects the strut to the chassis of the car. Strut mounts also act as cushions for the suspension. Generally, depending on the make and model of the car, strut mounting kits can consist of a bearing plate(to act as a steering pivot), spring isolators or dampers, and associated hardware.

Strut mounts can be damaged,(as can the struts themselves), by rough roads and just everyday wear and tear. Problems associated with worn or damaged strut mounts are clunking or banging noises on rough pavement, poor steering and handling, and increased tire wear. It is recommended that strut mounts be replaced along with the struts, and as always, suspension components should replaced in pairs, i.e both front and both rear together.

Due to the need for specialized tools and the use of a lift, unless you have access to a fairly complete shop, it is recommended that these parts be installed by a qualified technician.
(Never work underneath a car supported only by jacks or blocks!!!)

We stock and sell a wide variety of quality strut mounts from these manufacturers: