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Strut assemblies, also known as the MacPherson Strut, are shock absorbers mounted inside of coil springs. They are sold loaded and unloaded, the former having the spring installed and compressed, the latter without. The shock and spring, together, absorb impact from the imperfections in the road and provide a safer, more comfortable ride. They are very important pieces of a vehicle's suspension and should be kept in good working order at all times.

As the suspension takes the bulk of abuse from daily travel, its components will wear over time and eventually require replacement. All of our FCS line of strut assemblies come loaded, as well as certain Mopar brand strut assemblies. We recommend discussing your suspension purchase with one of our auto parts sales reps if you are unsure of what exactly you are looking for.

Replacement of the strut assembly should be performed by an automotive professional with the proper tools and equipment for the job. As loaded strut assemblies have coil springs under a great deal of pressure, incorrect handling could lead to severe injury!

We sell quality strut assemblies from the following manufacturers: