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Steering gear boxes come in two types - rack and pinion, and recirculating-ball. Rack and pinions are the most common, using a gear attatched to the end of the steering column to move the rack left or right. In power steering systems, this process is aided by pressurized hydraulic fluid from the power steering pump. Recirculating-ball systems use a worm gear to move a Pitman Arm, which transfers this motion to the drag, or center link. The worm gear is split into two parts: a fixed, threaded shaft and a metal box which rides along it. Since the shaft is fixed and not permitted any linear motion, the box moves instead. It is similar to the way a screw can be drilled into or out of a piece of wood, except reversed.

Rough handling, dirty or missing power steering fluid, old age and other factors can contribute to the wear and tear of steering gears. Often times when a steering gear needs replaced, the car will have abnormally loose steering. Ask one of our customer service representatives about how you can get a Limited Lifetime Warranty on your next steering gear purchase!!!

Replacing a steering gear may prove to be a complex and challenging repair. If you're unsure of what you're doing, leave it to an experienced auto repair technician!

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