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Starters function by using electrical power from the battery to crank the engine via a flywheel or flexplate. As the engine turns, the intake and compression strokes occur and allow the engine to begin firing so it may begin normal operation. While many modern vehicles have safety or security measures in place that prevent the starter from being engaged unless it is done safely and by an authorized person, the basic proceedure remains the same. An electrical signal is passed from the battery down to the starter solenoid, which then pushes a gear in the starter out to make contact with the gears on the flywheel or flexplate. At the same time, a circuit is closed that activates a motor inside the starter which turns this gear and begins rotating the crankshaft inside your engine block.

Starters, like many electrical components on a vehicle, can wear out over time. Starter solenoids often go bad and require replacement. It is also possible to damage the starter gear by attempting to crank it while the engine is running, or by leaving it engaged for too long after the engine starts.

Replacing a starter can vary in difficulty. Always seek the advice or service of a professional if unsure on a jobs!

We sell a large selection of solid starters from these manufacturers: