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Spark Plug Wires and Ignition Wire Sets!

Spark Plug Wires Ignition Wires

Spark plug wires carry electrical current from your vehicle's ignition system to the spark plugs, allowing the plugs to arc and ignite the air / fuel mixture on the power cycle. Plug wires vary in quality and price, and are relatively easy to inspect and replace should the need arise. Many technicians recommend replacing the spark plug wire set anytime the spark plugs are replaced, but this is not always necessary.

Spark plug wire sets can become faulty from corrosion, or from a cracked seat causing electricity to arc along the engine compartment instead of making its way to the spark plug where it belongs. When this happens, a drastic decrease in performance, engine misses, poor fuel economy, check engine lights, exhaust damaage and even engine fires are possible.

While plug wire sets are easy to replace on most vehicles, care should always be taken to ensure the wires are replaced correctly, with the right wire to the right plug, or the engine will not fire properly and most likely will not run.

We stock and sell a large selection of spark plug wire sets from these quality manufacturers: