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Serpentine belts replace the older system of V-belts in most modern vehicles. Where multiple belts were used in older vehicles, the serpentine belt drives most or all of a vehicle's accessories by itself. This can include the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and in some vehicles other applications.

Serpentine belts can halt a vehicle in its tracks when they fail. Usually this failure will come in the form of a breakage, which will cause all of the peripheral systems to stop functioning. The vehicle will be running on battery reserves alone, which will be quickly depleted causing the car to stop running. In addition, power steering will give out, causing the vehicle to be harder to steer, and if the water pump is affected the hot coolant inside of the engine block will not be circulated causing rapid overheating.

Serpentine belts are usually an easy replacement with the assistance of a breaker bar and the proper socket. Pressure is put against a belt tensioner which allows the replacement serpentine belt to be fit over all of the peripheral drive pulleys, then once pressure is released the belt is tightened to proper specs.

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