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Sending Units and Fuel Level Sensors!

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Fuel sending units (sometimes called fuel level sensors) gauge the amount of fuel in the tank, then send the information to the dashboard indicator. They accomplish this by using a float attached to an arm which moves a thin strip of resistance material back and forth depending on the level of fuel in the tank. The gauge on the dashboard, or the ECU, then determines the current level of fuel in the tank based on the level of electrical current that reaches it.

When the sending unit fails, the dashboard fuel level gauge will incorrectly display the amount of fuel available. Usually it will show full or empty all of the time, regardless of the actually fuel level. Sometimes it may display the correct amount one minute, then stop working the next.

Repacling the fuel sending unit will require the removal of your vehicle's fuel tank. We recommend leaving this repair to experienced technicians.

We stock and sell a wide variety of quality fuel sending units from these manufacturers: