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Oil filters are the primary method of keeping engine oil free of contaminants between oil changes. The majority of modern oil filters are spin-on, using a fiber type media that the oil pases through to remove the tiny particles which build up over time.

Oil filters should be replaced every time the oil is changed.

Most vehicles can have their oil and oil filters serviced very easily, even for those relatively inexperienced when it comes to mechanical work. As with any repair job, however, proper care should be taken and the correct proceedures should be followed when changing oil filters. If there's any uncertainty, leave it to a professional!

We stock and sell a wide variety of quality oil filters from these manufacturers:

Hastings Oil Filters ACDelco Oil Filters Auto7 Oil Filters

Denso Oil Filters Mopar Oil Filters Motorcraft Oil Filters

Beck/Arnley Oil Filters Mahle Oil Filters MANN Oil Filters