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Motor mounts and transmission mounts do what the name suggests - they provide a mounting point for the engine and transmission. They are typically made of some form of rubber to allow minor amounts of movement and absorb vibrations or shocks from normal operation.

When a motor or transmission mount fails, there will be excess play allowed of the engine or transmission. This usually causes extra vibrations to be felt inside of the cab. Furthermore, the car may feel as though it "lurches" somewhat upon takeoff if the engine is not securely fastened and is allowed to move farther than manufacturer's specifications.

Replacing a motor mount may be a straightforward repair, or may require an engine hoist, depending on the severity and vehicle. Consult with an automotive professional if you are unsure how to approach a task.

We stock and sell a wide variety of quality motor mounts and transmission mountsfrom these manufacturers:

ACDelco Motor Mounts Mopar Motor Mounts Beck/Arnley Motor Mounts

Anchor Motor Mounts