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Mass air flow sensors are used in fuel injected engines to measure the amount of air entering the intake manifold. The sensor gives this information to the ECU, which in turn meters the proper amount of fuel from the injectors for an optimal air/fuel ratio. Mass air flow sensors are used in conjunction with other sensors around the car to provide proper air/fuel ratio, optimal performance, fuel efficiency and legal emissions.

Mass air flow sensors will rarely go bad, however they can be damaged by improper handling during other repairs and by foreign debris being allowed into the intake. When a MAF sensor fails or becomes dirty, the vehicle may begin to consume more fuel than normal, have poor performance, rough starts and idles, stall and have poor acceleration.

Replacing a mass air flow sensor is usually an easy repair. They are normally located between the air filter and the throttle body. Repair manuals give detailed instructions on how to replace this part, and anyone who feels confident in changing one out themselves should have no problem doing so provided the proper tools are used and the instructions followed.

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