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Rear Main Bearing Seals!

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The main bearing seal (also known as 'crankshaft seal' or 'rear main seal') keeps engine oil from spilling out the rear of the block where the crankshaft extends through. It also keeps contaminants out of the engine.

The rear main seal can deteriorate due to lack of proper oil levels or pressure. If it dries out the constant movement from normal engine operation will cause the rubber to quickly breakdown. An improperly balanced engine will also warp the seal causing oil to leak out. As this is a vital component in keeping the engine running smoothly, it should be replaced as soon as posisble if damaged.

Replacing the main bearing seal will require removal of either the engine or transmission, making it a very expensive or difficult repair.

We stock and sell a wide variety of quality rear main bearing seals from these manufacturers:

National Main Bearing Seals AC Delco Main Bearing Seals Victor Reinz Main Bearing Seals

Fel-Pro Main Bearing Seals Mopar Main Bearing Seals