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Lower Control Arms

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Lower control arms are a component of the suspension which holds the wheel in place. They also provide a means to adjust wheel positioning on some vehicles to alter the way a car rides. The control arm is connected to the steering knuckle (the part which holds your wheel hub, calipers, etc) via a ball joint that allows for a wide range of movement. Many lower control arms come with this ball joint already installed. The lower control arm also contains a set of bushings which help connect it to the frame and provide a cushioned support.

While the control arm itself is pretty difficult to damage, the bushings and joints that are held by the arm wear out over time. Furthermore, if the ball joint wears out and metal on metal grinding occurs, the control arm itself will likely need replaced. In some applications, it may be more efficient to replace just the bushings or ball joints, whereas in others replacing the entire control arm is easier.

Replacing control arms varies in difficulty depending on the vehicle, its age and condition. Always consult with an automotive technician if you are unsure about any repair!

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