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New and Remanufactured Ignition Control Modules

Ignition Control Modules Ignition ECU

Ignition control modules work by monitoring a host of information provided by sensors around the vehicle and then firing the ignition coil / spark plugs at the right time. Many also maintain the proper air / fuel ratio by keeping fuel injectors open for the appropriate amount of time.

Ignition control modules, as with any electronic component, can fail and require replacing. When an ignition control module fails, the engine will usually begin missing due to plugs not firing when they should. This will lower fuel economy, reduce performance and could cause damage to the exhaust system from unburnt fuel. Diagnosing an ignition control module can be done using a multi-meter if you're familiar with the proceedure. Otherwise it should be handled by an automotive professional.

Replacing ignition control modules will vary in difficulty depending on the vehicle and the module's location. Always consult a certified automotive professional if you are unsure of the proceedure.

We sell quality ignition control modules under these brands: