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Ignition Coils and Coil Packs

Ignition Coils Coil Packs

Ignition coils convert the low voltage electricity from the battery into the high voltage necessary to create the arc in the spark plugs. Older vehicles will have a single ignition coil that provides power to the spark plugs via a distributor, while newer vehicles typically have a coil for each plug. It may be in the form of a coil pack or a 'coil over plug' assembly. Modern vehicles omit the distributor in favor of an electronically controlled ignition system.

Ignition coils are a pretty solid component on most vehicles and rarely need servicing. Typically when a coil has to be replaced it is because it has been physically damaged, although as with any electrical component, they can fail over time.

The difficulty of replacing ignition coils can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some are as easy as removing plug wires and unbolting the old, installing the new, and reattaching the wires. Others may require more detailed work. If you are unsure about any repair, always consult an automotive professional!

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