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Headlight Assemblies

Headlight Assembly Discount Headlight Assembly

Headlight Assemblies sit at the front of your vehicle and house the bulbs which provide light. They also allow for headlight adjustment so both the low and high beams can be properly aligned to illuminate the road.

Headlight assemblies are typically a part of the car which doesn't need to be serviced unless a collision has occured. From time to time the plastic supports which hold up the assembly and keep it in place (for proper alignment) can also fail. Whenever this happens, it may be time to install a new assembly!

Replacing the headlight assembly will typically involve unbolting the old and putting the new on while making sure all wiring or eletcrical connections are accounted for as well. If you're unsure or unconfident about doing a repair, consult with an expert!

We stock and sell a wide variety of quality headlight assemblies from these manufacturers: