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Head gaskets are one of the most important seals on an engine. Not only do they seal the engine head to the cylinder block, which allows the combustion chamber to maintain pressure during the compression stroke, they also seal off pathways which pass oil and coolant from the engine block to the heads.

When a head gasket fails, or "blows" as it is often referred to, many symptoms may present themselves. Often coolant and oil will mix, contaminating each other and causing issues in their respective systems. These liquids can also get into the combustion chamber, which will cause poor performance and constant refilling of the leaking liquid (white exhuast smoke is a sign of coolant or water in the chamber, while bluish smoke is a sign of oil). A blown head gasket is a serious issue for any vehicle and should be tended to before the damage becomes mechanical in nature (warped head or block) and repair costs skyrocket.

Our gaskets meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications for fit and seal. Depending on the application, a RTV sealant material may also be required for proper installation. Please refer to a shop guide for correct installation procedures.

We sell reliable head gaskets, individually and in their complete sets, from these manufacturers: