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Fuel Pumps and Fuel Pump Module Assemblies

Fuel Pumps Fuel Pump Module Assembly

Fuel pumps (and their corresponding assemblies) do precisely what their name suggests - they pump fuel from your tank to the engine to be mixed with air and combusted. Fuel pump module assemblies typically consist of the fuel pump (a small electrical pump) as well as its housing, strainer, float (for measuring fuel level), sending unit (sends fuel level information to the driver) and any other connections required for a 'plug and play' job. The job is not always this easy, but purchasing a complete module assembly is often the most hassle free course of action when replacing this part.

Fuel pumps can fail from age, contaminents in the gasoline damaging the pump over time and even running the vehicle with very little or no fuel as many pumps can quickly burn up under these environments. A very good indicator you have a wek pump is when your car runs strong with a full tank but misses and has poor performance at low fuel levels.

Replacing a fuel pump is inherently more dangerous than some repairs due to the nature of automobile fuels. Care should always be practiced and having an automotive professional perform the work is highly reommended.

We carry a large number of quality, reliable fuel pumps from the following brands: