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Fuel Pump Relays

Fuel Pump Relays Discount Fuel Pump Relays

The fuel pump relay connects the vehicle's ignition to the fuel pump, activating it when the car is ready to start and shutting it down once the car is turned off.

Corrosion and loose connections are the two most prevalant culprits in fuel pump relays failing. When they do fail, your vehicle will most likley refuse to start altogether, the engine just cranking over and over. If the connection is poor due to the relay being loose or corroded, the vehicle will most likely experience severe performance issues as the fuel pump will not run 100% of the time, and when it dies the proper amount of fuel pressure will not be present.

Replacing a fuel pump relay should be as simple as removing the old and inserting the new (similar to a fuse) once it is located.

We stock and sell a wide variety of quality fuel pump relays from these manufacturers: