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Clutch Master Cylinders

Clutch Master Cylinder Discount Clutch Master Cylinders

Clutch master cylinders work by applying hydraulic force to a throw-out bearing which disengages the clutch from the engine's flywheel. Master cylinders typically have a reservoir on top which holds hydraulic fluid (brake / clutch fluid) and prevents air from entering the hydraulic system.

As with most components in a hydraulic system, when a master cylinder begins to fail it will mean big trouble if not fixed immediately. Leaks will result in the system not performing adequately which will lead to the clutch not disengaging when pressure is applied to the pedal. This can make shifting difficult or even impossible.

Replacing the clutch master cylinder will be an easy job on some vehicles and more difficult on others. Consult with a professional or service manual for details!

We stock and sell a wide variety of quality clutch master cylinders from these manufacturers: