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Brakes Shoes and Drum Brake Friction Material

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Brake shoes are the brake pads of yesterday. They are basically the same principle, friction material attached to a backing plate, but the difference lies in how they function. Brake shoes sit inside of a brake drum and make contact with the machined surface on the inside. In the same fashion pads clamp onto a rotor to provide friction, the shoes are pushed against the wall of the drum to create friction. Older vehicles may have four wheel drum brakes, but most commonly they are found only on the rear wheels of a vehicle.

Just like pads, brake shoes will eventually wear to the point they require replacement. It is typically wise to have brake shoes inspected any time the vehicle is serviced (oil changes, brake pad replacements, etc) to ensure they are in good condition. While vehicle braking is typically distributed more towards the front of the car (60/40 on RWD, 70/30 on FWD, for example), having quality and functional rear brakes will provide better stopping and less wear on the front.

Servicing brake shoes can vary in difficulty depending on the proceedures necessary for the vehicle in question. While on many it is a job easily performed by the casual mechanic, as with any repair if you are unsure on not confident leave it to a professional!

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