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Brake Light Switches

Brake Light Switches Discount Brake Light Switches

Brake light switches detect a brake pedal being pressed, then do one of a few things depending on the vehicle. Their most basic function is to complete a circuit that sends power to the rear brake lights, thus illuminating them and letting drivers know the vehicle is slowing. On cars and trucks with cruise control, the brake light switch often signals the computer that the brakes are being applied, which then in turn disables the cruise control. They also may signal transmission functions in vehicles with automatic transmissions.

Brake light switches rarely fail, however it is a possibility. More likely is the switch gets jammed out of position, or the electrical connectors break or come loose. Inspecting a brake light switch should be an easy job, as it is located within visible range on most vehicles above the brake pedal.

Should your brake light switch need replaced, it will be an easy job on most cars and trucks. If you feel uncomfortable doing the work, an auto repair shop should be able to perform the repair for a reasonable amount.

We stock a variety of quality brake light switches from these manufacturers: