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The blower motor is a device used to move air, either from the outside of the vehicle to the cabin (vented air) or to circulate cabin air through the AC evaporator. Most of the time, the blower motor will be close behind the dash, although location can vary from vehicle to vehicle. The blower motor is controlled by the blower motor resistor, which in turn is typically controlled by the Heater and AC Control Module (the panel inside your car you use to adjust the HVAC system). The blower motor will have a wheel attached which actually moves the air. Blower motors can usually be purchased with or without this wheel, as many times they can be reused even if the motor itself has failed.

Blower motors can fail and require replacement. Sometimes a 'whining' noise may be heard when a blower motor is failing, other times they could just cease functioning. Often times what may appear to be a faulty blower motor can in fact be the resistor or control module. Testing requires basic knowledge of electrical components and some form of equipment to gauge the presence or absence of power.

Replacing the blower motor will vary in difficulty depending on the vehicle. As with most repairs, there are options available for repair manuals and if you're unsure or not confident in your ability to perform the repair, leave it to the professionals!

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