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OEM Replacement Air Filters

Air Filters OEM Filters

The engine in your car, whether it be gas or diesel, requires oxygen to ignite its fuel on the power cycle. An air filter makes sure the air providing this oxygen is clean of any debris that could decrease performance or ultimately ruin your engine.

While the air filter works well at protecting an engine, they can only catch so much dirt, debris and particles before they begin suffocating the engine of the proper amount of air it needs. When this happens your car is not running at peak efficiency and wasting fuel, as each combustion lacks its designed energy output.

There are many recommendations as to when a filter should be replaced, but it is good practice to visually inspect the filter every oil change at the least. Some environments will warrant replacing filters sooner due to the excessive amount of foreign objects in the air. If a filter looks dirty, replace it!

We carry a very large selection of OEM replacement air filters produced under the following brands: