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AC Pressure Switches

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The air conditioning system in a vehicle has many switches which control its operation. The AC pressure switch protects a car's compressor by disengaging it if the refrigerant pressure levels fall below a certain point. Without this safeguard, the compressor could continue to run with little or no refrigerant, which would likely damage it badly.

If the pressure switch fails, the most likely result is the compressor will cease to function and as such, the AC system will put out no cool air. There are methods of diagnosing whether or not the pressure switch is actually at fault for the failure, or if the problem is elsewhere. When an AC system is confirmed to have the proper amount and pressure of refrigerant, a multimeter can be used to check continuity at the connectors on the switch with the AC system on and the electrical plugs disconnected. If there is no continuity, the switch probably needs replaced!

Replacing an AC pressure switch requires depressurization of the AC system. Due to the nature of compressed refrigerant, and the cost of the equipment required to service an AC system, these repairs are best left to experienced mechanics with the knowledge and tools to get the job done.

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