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AC Compressors and Clutch Assemblies

AC Compressor and Clutch AC Compressor

AC compressors are the heart of your vehicle's air conditioning system. They compress and pump refrigerant to the condenser where it converts from a pressurized gas back to a liquid. During this process, it rapidly expels heat, which provides the source for what ultimately becomes your cold air.

Compressors can fail for a number of reasons, including old age, heavy wear, contaminants in the system, lack of refrigerant, etc. When shopping for a new compressor the other parts in the system always should be taken into consideration. Every vendor we source from who sells compressors requires at least proof of purchase of a drier with every compressor to validate the warranty!

If your system has been contaminated, or has leaks, purchasing a compressor alone will likely wind up becoming lost money since it is so reliant on a clean, properly functioning system. Always have an automotive professional inspect your system and get their recommendation on everything needed to repair your air conditioning. We completely understand shopping around for the best price on every part, so if you purchase a compressor from us and a drier elsewhere your warranty will still be valid as long as you have both proofs of purchase and it falls within the rest of the manufacturer's warranty.

We have a fantastic selection of quality AC Compressors: