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ABS Wheel Speed Sensors

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ABS wheel speed sensors operate by monitoring a toothed ring that usually is mounted on the hub. This ring provides the sensor with the wheel's speed and the sensor relays this information to the ABS control module. When any given wheel begins turning slower than the others, the ABS control module reduces braking power to that wheel to prevent lockup, which in turn allows it to maintain optimal traction during braking.

ABS wheel speed sensors are often brutalized by the elements, and over time can wear down. In addition, the wiring and connectors have been known to crack or wear, causing the system to malfunction. In these instances, it's time for a new ABS wheel speed sensor!

Replacing a wheel speed sensor can vary in difficulty. Always consult with a professional automotive technician if you're unsure about any repair!

We sell reliable, accurate and quality ABS wheel speed sensors from these manufacturers: